There are many of us who make banners or logos for themselves with mobile. They all have a big problem with the font style. Many people do not know how to change the font.

Ways to use style fonts in PixelLab

Aslam is another important tutorial for those of us who design Banner or Logo for ourselves on mobile. This tutorial is especially important for those of YouTubers who have created thumbnails with mobile phones for the cover photos or videos of the YouTube channel. Spell these Banner, Logo, Thumbnail, Cover Photo etc. on mobile. Many of them know the app called PixelLab. It is a very good app for working on mobile and in this tutorial I will show you how to use this PixelLab app. Style the general font.

Those who have not yet used this app can click here to download this app called PixelLab or download it directly from Google Play Store and install it on mobile.

First, to style Bangla Font, click here and download the font of your choice. And to style English Font, click here or click here to download the font of your choice and find the downloaded folder from memory. Then select all the fonts.

Then go to the internal storage of the phone by clicking the Copy button and create a folder named Font and paste all the gula. Then open the PixelLab app and click here to style it with the text you want.

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