In today's modern world, the number of smartphone users is increasing. And there are many of us who want to see this mobile as they wish. In today's world of automation can be a daunting task.

How to change mobile font

People now do nothing to make their mobile a little different from everyone else. Everyone wants to make their favourite mobile different from everyone else.

And today those of you who use "Tecno" mobile. Here is another important tutorial for them.

    Today I will show you how you can easily change the default font of your favourite mobile phone to a stylish font of your choice. Remember that today's tutorial is only for those who use "Tecno" mobile.

    Step 1: First you need to find this app called Hi Theme on any "Tecno" mobile. This app called Hi Theme is available on all mobiles of "Tecno" band.

    However, the icon of the app is different in different models. There is no reason to worry about it. The name is Hi Theme in all models. You just have to find this app.

    Step 2: Then open the app.

    And if you have not opened a "Tecno" mobile account. But first, you have to open an account here. (It is very important to open this account for Tecno mobile users) You must open a Tecno account. If you have any problem opening account then you can watch this tutorial (How to open Techno Mobile Account)
    Step 3: Then scroll to your liking, select your font from the bottom and click on the font you have selected.

    Step 4: Then ask for permission and give permission. And download the font by clicking the download button here. Then download the font of your choice.

    Step 5: Then Apply.

    Then you will see that the font style of your mobile has changed. This way you can easily give your mobile a little different look than everyone else.

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