All of us who use mobiles know that each of the current mobile bands is asked to open a band account. This account is called open. If you have proof or lost your mobile, you can easily find it with the help of this account.

Easily open a Hi account

Today I will show you how you can easily open this account on your Tecno Mobile.

It is very important for every Tecno Mobile user to use or open this account. And after opening this account in Tecno Mobile, you will get many features. So this is going to be a very important tutorial for every one of our Tecno Mobile users.

First, go to the settings option of your mobile then scroll down to find the option called Hi Account.

Then if you look at the bottom, you will see that there is an option called Register, click here.

Then a form will come and fill it. And give the username a little uncommon. If your name is Name, give the number 123 with the username. E.g .: Name370

Then when all is done, fill in the captcha and click on the Register button at the bottom.

Then a PIN will come to your given mobile number, give it here.

Then it will come here again as before. Click on the Login button with the PIN or Parchword you provided with the username or email address you used while registering.

Then fill in all your picture information here and click on save to finish the job.

This way Tecno Mobile users can easily open this account.

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