We all know that the most popular game in the world today is called PUBG. And many of us know that many people have a common problem with PUBG mobile which is high ping. This is mainly due to certain network problems. If there is a network problem. Ping goes to a much higher level. Having a high ping often causes us to have a lot of gay legs for which many of us cannot play the game well. Stuck stuck. To solve this problem, many people use different types of bad mobile apps. Due to which this ping problem is not solved but increases. So again many people try to hide the whole IP using VPN and try to play in the game, it also creates a lot of problems. Again many times many people try to pig in the game using a VPN and get banned from the game.

How to fix the ping of pubg mobile

And so I came back with another tutorial to give you the right advice. And remember, today I will not talk about using any of your apps. Today I will show you how you can easily get rid of this ping problem with a simple trick.

Remember that you do not need any additional apps to do this. So it can be a much better medium for you. How to solve the ping problem very easily.

Step 1:

First, go to the settings option of your mobile. And from here click on Sim Card Setting of your mobile or More Setting of your mobile to find out where the caller network option is. Keep in mind that different types of mobiles have different types, so you can find out where the caller network option is. Just like below

Step 2:

After finding out you need to click on the caller network option and from here you need to find out where the caller network option is. Then you have to click on the SIM with which you are using the network from here. Then again you have to click on the access point name.

Then again you will be taken to a setting called APNs from where you can easily find the caller network access point of your SIM. From there, click next to your SIM name where the Internet is written, such as: - Sim Name-Internet, click here. Then find the server option from here and.

Then delete all the text here and type here (www.google.com)

Then save it and go down to me and find out where the Bearer option is (find it all below) and. And here you have to select the top two, go down and save.
Then when all the work is done, you click on the three dots above and see the Save option. Very easily then and remember that in different places it becomes different types. So serve it anyway.

Then go to home settings again and from there go to mobile storage and clear the RAM from there.

Those who do not have it on their mobile can reboot the mobile if they want. Then start playing your game. I'm 100% sure your ping problem will be fixed. Because I have found success in using these tricks myself. Hope your problem is solved

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