Becoming a parent means a storm of responsibilities. It starts with giving your baby a good name and gives him a great life later on. However, focusing on the prime right of your newborn, i.e., to get a modern and cute name with an excellent meaning, you have to put on a ton of effort to decide on a good name. Also, modern times call for the modern name, which means now it's even more challenging.  

Well, we are quite sure that being a millennial parent, you also want to do every possible thing for your little munchkin, right? So, are you in confusion about giving him a unique and meaningful name at the same time? Ok, let us help you out in distinctly solving this issue. What about choosing a name out of a different culture and language? Yes, you heard that right you have tons of beautiful Japanese boys names to dig in.

Although you must be finding it difficult to look through the whole Japanese boy names list and then understanding the meaning of each name, don't panic because an extensive list of 150 Japanese boys names to consider are here in our list with their exact meanings. All that's on you is to read them thoroughly and then make a wiser choice.

Some of the popular male Japanese names- Favorites of the list with detailed meanings and explanation 

Here is the list of the unique and trendy male Japanese names that everyone will love to know about. However, you will have to read them all but trust me, in the end, you will be standing there with a couple of cute Japanese names for boys. 

Akihiko- Bright prince Akihito was the name of the Yakuza boss, and he survived the activation of the infinity gauntlet.

  1. Akihito -bright and compassionate

Akihito is the name that got its fame because it was the name of a Japanese emperor who abdicated the throne. 

  1. Akimitsu -bright light

Akimitsu was one of the best Japanese voice actors. He was the one who vice recorded the top comic films. 

  1. Akio -bright or luminous

Akio is the name of a famous American artist. It is a unique and short name for Japanese boys. 

  1. Aoi -hollyhock or blueish green

Aoi is one the most famous name of Japanese boys in the year 2020. 

  1. Arata -fresh or new

Arata is the cute and unique male Japanese name and is relatively common in Italy and Japan. 

  1. Asuka -fragrance or bird

Being a unisex name, this name can be a perfect match for your son or daughter and has a beautiful meaning as well. 

  1. Ayumu -walking dream

Ayumu is the name with the most unique and cute meaning ever. However, it can be used as a compliment for your baby.

  1. Daichi- earth

Daichi is a nature-inspired name in Japanese, and parents usually prefer this name to show the love and importance of their children.

  1. Daiki -great brightness

It was the name of a small planet discovered by an amateur astronomer. 

  1. Daisuk -great, big

Daisuk is a famous name that got its fame because of a favorite Japanese best anime show, i.e., Digimon Aventure.

  1. Denki -electrical

Denki is a cute name that is associated with power and radiance. If you want to see your child as a powerful individual, you may use it as a preference. 

  1. Fumihito -compassion

Fumihito can be a great choice if you are related to a caring profession and want to see your child as the same.

  1. Genji -two beginnings

The classical Japanese name is related to the literature. Plus, Tale of Genji was also a Japanese novel. 

  1. Goro -son

You can give this name you your little munchkin, and tell him how precious he is. 

Some short male Japanese names for your little star

  1. Hachirō -eight 
  2. Haru –light, spring
  3. Haruka -distant or remote
  4. Hikaru -brightness
  5. Hinata -towards the sun
  6. Hiraku -support
  7. Haruto -light, sun
  8. Hayate -the powerful sound of the wind
  9. Hideaki -shining excellence
  10. Hideyoshi -virtuous, good
  11. Hiroshi -tolerant
  12. Ichiro -one son
  13. Hibiki -sound or echo
  14. Hikari –light, luminous, related to brightness 
  15. Hirohito -compassionate

Let us show you a list of Japanese names for boys that are sweet to hear

  1. Aito -Sea, Ocean
  2. Chiko - A Pledge
  3. Dai -Shining Individual
  4. Akio – Hero
  5. Hayato - Falcon
  6. Hideaki –Great, idealistic 
  7. Akito –Bright, shinning
  8. Benjiro -Enjoys Peace
  9. Chibi - Small Child
  10. Daichi –Large, vast 
  11. Eita –Crystal
  12. Enmei - Life-Sustaining
  13. Fumihiro -Condemnation
  14. Goku - Emptiness
  15. Hakaku -White Crane
  16. Haru –Spring, Blooming
  17. Haruki -Shine Bright
  18. Ichiro - First Son, Firstborn
  19. Itsuki -Timber Tree
  20. Haruma -Groundbreaking
  21. Haruto -Soar
  22. Hiro -Generous, Broad
  23. Hiroshi -Generous
  24. Hiroto -Big Flight
  25. Izumi -Spring
  26. Daiki - Shining
  27. Daisuke – Large
  28. Kazuki- Peaceful Tree
  29. Kento- Happiness
  30. Raden -God of thunder

Here is the list of strong Japanese boy names with influential meanings 

  • Names that are associated with water and fire
  1. Faia – radiant fire
  2. Kaimen - sea 
  3. Kaito - ocean
  4. Yakeru - ignite
  5. Enkai - sea
  6. Kaki – flame or burning 
  7. Hi – blaze
  8. Homura – bright blaze of ire
  9. Kaen - flame 
  10. Minakami - aquatic
  11. Mizu – water, aqua
  12. Kaji -A chaotic fire that causes damage to property
  13. Kazan - volcano
  14. Most – flare
  15. Suiiki - water area
  16. Umi – sea
  17. Hinote - flame 
  18. Hoka - gunfire
  19. Katon - disappearing as a fire
  20. Takibi – flaming or burning
  21. Yaketsuku – burn, flare
  22. Enyo - open sea 
  23. Mizuwokakeru – water, liquid
  24. Oki - high sea
  25. Oshan - ocean
  26. Shimizu - pure water

However, if you want to give your child a trendy and unique name, then you need to look at this list of cool Japanese names at once

  1. Ken -strong
  2. Kenichi -health 
  3. Kenji -healthy son
  4. Kenshin -modest truth
  5. Kei –respect
  6. KO -peace
  7. Koji -light, shining 
  8. Kin -gold
  9. Kioshi –pure
  10. Kohaku -amber
  11. KOICHI -shining 
  12. KIYOSHI -pure
  13. Keiici -square jewel 
  14. Keiji -respectful 
  15. Kenta -healthy
  16. Kichirou -lucky son

Best Japanese names for boys- Unique Japanese Boy's first names are listed here.

We have mentioned the fantastic and trendy Japanese first names for boys with the best possible meanings in this list. 

  1. Aoki – a bright tree
  2. Hayashi – forest, too many trees
  3. Saito -purity
  4. Mori - forest
  5. Nishimura – village
  6. Ito - yard
  7. Iwai – celebration, happy occasion
  8. Endo – plane road
  9. Sato - assistance
  10. Inoue - well
  11. Ishii – deep stone well
  12. Kaneko – golden, beloved child
  13. Kato - Known
  14. Kobayashi -forest
  15. Kondo – now, at this moment
  16. Matsumoto - base of a pine tree
  17. Takahashi – a massive bridge
  18. Takeuchi -bamboo
  19. Ono – a vast field
  20. Suzuki - tree

Cute and Sweet to hear Japanese names for boys- Lovable meanings 

  1. Ryūji-second or child
  2. Saburō -bright son
  3. Shigeru- luxuriant, lush
  4. Shin -genuine
  5. Shingo -genuine and real 
  6. Shinobu -stealth 
  7. Shin'ya -genuine
  8. Shion -aster
  9. Shiori -bending
  10. Shō- reward
  11. Seiko -truth
  12. Yuuki -gentle hope
  13. Masa –straightforward
  14. Michi -righteous way
  15. Aoi –blueish
  16. Nao -love
  17. Yasu –calm
  18. Jun -talented
  19. Masumi -beauty
  20. Minori -beautiful harbour
  21. Sora -sky
  22. Natsu – born in summer
  23. Kohaku –music
  24. Tomi- Rich
  25. Kosuke- rising sun
  26. Shun- speed
  27. Ichigo- strawberry
  28. Kana- powerful


Choosing a trendy and traditional name for your son means he must be proud to have a cool name in his friend's circle later on. And in the Japanese language, there are millions of cool Japanese names to look upon that will compliment the personality of your darling son. But what are the focal points when you are choosing names from the Japanese language? Always remember that your prime focus should be pronunciation and meaning. 

No doubt that Japan has a rich and deep culture to explore, and they put a great emphasis on choosing their first names. Consequently, that's the reason that you will come across tons of Japanese names, each with a distinctive meaning. Well, in front of the diversity of cool Japanese names, these 150 Japanese boys' names to consider are just like the tip of the iceberg. 

Closing the article with the hope that you remain booming in getting the desired name for your baby in our list, but still, if you don't get the one above, there are many more to browse and look upon. Opt for a great Japanese name for your kiddo and happy parenting!

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