Along with the other architectural marvels, the Latin language is also a gift to this world by ancient Romans. Latin is the language that originated in the Roman region. However, thanks to its wide lexis and conventional nature that it started spreading all over the world. In fact, it is said to be one of the most classical languages in Europe. And that is why almost 90% of people want to give their infants a Latin name with a good meaning. Another reason for this preference is that many famous personalities had Latin first names. 

As the culture is expanding, so now is the time that you should also dive into some of the cool ancient Latin boy names before naming your little munchkin. These names don't only have ancient roots, but they are exceptionally cool and charming to name your baby. Every single name is equally unique and regal and has a special meaning to compliment your baby's personality lifelong. 

On the whole, whether you want to choose Latin boy names for your baby to honour your cultural heritage or you find this ancient language incredible in both cases, Latin will give you a bag full of trendy names for your baby boy. To reduce your efforts and make your name choosing journey more effortless, we are here to help you out with the list of 150 Latin boy names with meanings so, keep on reading and bless your baby by giving him a unique name.

Some of the popular Latin names inspired by the Roman Emperors

At the top of our list, we have mentioned the names associated with some influential and renowned personalities. Consequently, if you wish to name your little star with an influential name, look upon these top names for Latin boys. 

Augustus- majestic, magnificent is the first name of one of the most powerful and influential rulers who was the founder of the Roman Empire. He remained the leader for two hundred years. 

  1. Caeser- King

It is a title used for an influential personality or a ruler. So if you want to look at your child as a strong personality, you can go for this amongst Latin names boy.  

  1. Claudius- cute and sophisticated

It is a lovely name which you can shorten to Claude or Clay as well. 

  1. Nero- Powerful, Black

 This is lovely and good to listen to the name, but its meaning is opposite, i.e., powerful enough to conquer.

  1. Aurelian- Gold

It is the name of a famous emperor who was renowned for his military victories.

  1. Gordian- 

This name was famous in Latin language countries because three famous and successful emperors had this unique name

  1. Hadrian-

Hadrian was the name associated with the top emperors of Roman time, so If you want your child to be powerful, name it with this ancient variant of Adrian. 

  1. Tiberius- Name of a river in Rome

This name is inspired by nature but was also associated with few famous personalities of ancient times.

  1. Titus- Title of honour 

This is one of the Roman times' most ancient and unique names, and it is quite an influential name to give to a little one.

  1. Leo- Lion 

It is the most favourite name of the Europeans from the last two hundred years and is still in use. It is also associated with power and bravery.

  1. Tacitus- Quiet 

It was the name of a famous emperor and a historian as well.

  1. Trajan- The best

This name is all-rounder because of its pronunciation and excellent meaning as well.

  1. Zeno- Gift of Zeus

An exceptionally easy to say and write name is here, which has roots in ancient times, although it is quite a trendy one with a good meaning. 

Here is the list of Latin baby names inspired by Mythology

  1. Aeneas- The Greek legend who found Rome on his travels 
  2. Aries – Ram; who is the one to supply Fleece to Jason 
  3. Amulius – The person who threw his brother Numitor 
  4. Faunus –befriending, In Rome, it's for the God of fertility 
  5. Italus – The person who named Italy 
  6. Janus –Archways, In Rome, it's for the God of beginnings
  7. Liber- God of fertility as per mythology
  8. Neptune – in roman its means God of the Sea
  9. Pollux – sweet, son of Zeus
  10. Quirinus- spear, Roman God
  11. Remus –One of the founders of Rome
  12. Romulus- Rome
  13. Silvanus- The Saint Paul's companion, In Roman mythology, it's the God of forests
  14. Silvius – wood, A Roam saint
  15. Tatius -the God of the Sabines 
  16. Vulcan -God of fire in Roman Mythology

Here is the list of strong Latin boy names with influential meanings and with strong roots into the bible

  1. Aaron -brother of Moses
  2. Abacuc –Habakkuk
  3. Abdias - Obadiah 
  4. Abia -Abijah
  5. Abisai – Abishai
  6. Abraham -father of many
  7. Absalom -son of King David 
  8. Achab- Ahab
  9. Achaicus -Achaikos 
  10. Adina -delicate
  11. Alphaeus -changing
  12. Amos - burden or load
  13. Andreas- Andrew
  14. Annas -a high priest 
  15. Archelaus - master of the people
  16. Arihel -Ariel
  17. Azazias -Azaziah
  18. Baltassar -a form of Belshazzar 
  19. Barthelomeus -Bartholomew
  20. Beniamin -Benjamin
  21. Cainan –Kenan, to take possession
  22. Cephas -rock
  23. Cyrus -young or far-sighted boy
  24. Danihel –Daniel, God is my judge
  25. Darius –Dareios, rich
  26. Elias -Elijah
  27. Eliseus - Latin variant of the baby name Elisha
  28. Emmanuhel -Immanuel
  29. Enos -Enosh
  30. Erastus -Erastos
  31. Esaias -Isaiah
  32. Ezechias -Hezekiah
  33. Ezras -Ezra
  34. Finees – clever, skillful
  35. Gabriel -strong man or hero
  36. Hieremia - Jeremiah
  37. Hiezecihel - Ezekiel
  38. Iacob -boy, name Jacob
  39. Iafeth -Japheth 
  40. Iesus - the most powerful
  41. Ioab - Joab
  42. Iohel –salvation
  43. Ionathan –God has given
  44. Ismael- heard by God
  45. Iudas – I beseech
  46. Lazarus -brother of Mary
  47. Matthan – To give, Giving
  48. Mattheus or Matthias
  49. Michaeas -the name for the prophet 
  50. Moyses -Saviour
  51. Nathanahel -Bible used for Nathanael
  52. Nicodemus – Victory of the people
  53. Noe -Bible name for Noah
  54. Obed -grandfather of David, worshipping
  55. Osee -from Hosea
  56. Paulus - Humble
  57. Petrus - a variant of the name Peter
  58. Phillipus - the most evocative 
  59. Raphael -the GodGod who heals
  60. Saloman -a variant of Solomon 
  61. Samuhel – God has heard, name of GodGod
  62. Sem - Together
  63. Stephanus – garland, crown

If you want to give your child a trendy and unique name, then you need to look at this list at once

  1. Emilio -rivaling
  2. Fabian - bean
  3. Felix –lucky or happy
  4. Callum - dove
  5. Dominic - servant of GodGod
  6. Emiliano -enemy or challenging
  7. Mario -virile
  8. Maximus - the greatest
  9. Milan -gracious
  10. Fernando -courageous, bold
  11. Julian -youthful
  12. Lamar -from the sea
  13. Leo - brave
  14. Lionel - lion
  15. Lucian -one born at daybreak
  16. Marco -war-like
  17. Marcel- that dedicated to Mars
  18. Marc -war-like
  19. Marcus -war-like
  20. Salvador – one who saves
  21. Santiago -saintly or holy
  22. Lorenzo - laurel trees
  23. Lucas - light
  24. Santino – holy
  25. Antonio – priceless
  26. Sergio -who serves others
  27. Vincenzo -who survives all odds

Unique Latin Boy's names are listed here.

We have mentioned all of the fantastic and trendy names for boys with the best possible meanings in this list. 

  1. Binicio -fortunate one
  2. Benito -the lucky or fortunate one
  3. Camilo -one always willing to help
  4. Castiel -the one protected by GodGod
  5. Gonzalo -one prepared for battle
  6. Gus -great
  7. Ignacio -with a big personality
  8. Jovan -leader
  9. Maximillian -the greatest
  10. Mylo –graceful
  11. Quincy -fifth
  12. Soren -strict or stern
  13. Sylis -the woods or forest
  14. Syncere -heartfelt
  15. Vince -conqueror
  16. Zavion -light

Sweet to hear Italian names for boys

  1. Adragain – The sea of ingenuity
  2. Paddy- noble man
  3. Paton- A royal and humble man
  4. Adrian- a sea of water
  5. Aubin- fair, white, or bright
  6. Quade- One who is fourth born
  7. Quirino- Spearman
  8. Marke—A gleaming one
  9. IIarion- Happy
  10. Egidio- A shield-bearer
  11. Hillyer- Hard warrior
  12. Elvio- someone who is blond or fair
  13. Enda- Bird or bird-like
  14. Hannibal- Grace or beauty
  15. Paavo- small


No doubt naming your little star is exciting, but it is not easy at all. After all, a name is something that is going to stay with your baby all of his life. It is the very first thing to compliment the personality of an individual. That's why there are so many aspects you have to keep in mind before choosing a name for your baby. 

First of all, try to choose a name that goes nicely with the last name. After that, you have to look at the spelling and the pronunciation. Wait, you are not done yet; the next important thing is to look for the excellent meaning of your chosen name. So, being on the clearer side, we mean these are some critical steps to follow to give your baby an ideal Latin name.

All of the names in our list are also chosen while keeping every little detail in mind. So, you can select any one name of your choice from the above list of 150 Latin boy names with meanings and give a life-lasting gift to your little bundle of joy. 

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